Differences between North and South Indian Dishes

Traditions, customs, religions, languages and food patterns are the key elements of any culture. Interestingly, food pattern is developed on behalf of all above including major crops and seasons.

Talking about India, her versatile cultures, multi-religious beliefs and sub-continent’s history has brought a large variety in her cuisines. Dividing Indian cuisine largely between North and south we see notable differences. These are mainly due to the difference of crops and spices cultivated in both regions. Another important element in this regard is that of cultural influences.

south and north indian foods

North side has more meaty items and wheat is its staple. On the other hand, South is more of vegetarian and rice is here staple food.

North has more influence of Arabic and Persian civilizations as they are usually Hallal and use more meat (chicken, mutton and lamb). They use ginger, garlic, onion and tomatoes are their main spices on the other hand, South focuses on rice, lentils and stews using tamarind and coconut excessively.

Southern dishes are quick to make and have least use of onion and garlic as compared to North. They also have some sea-food on the list. Whereas in North, the use of vegetables, rice and sea food is less. Having impact of Mughlai cuisine, they use more ghee, butter and cream in dishes. Their dishes have gravy and are heavier. This makes Southern dishes healthier having more coconut, fruits and vegetables instead of Butter.

Their spices are also different. South uses curry leaves along with mustard seeds whereas cumin seeds and garam masala are used in North. North Indian dishes are less spicy and less soupy than the Southern dishes. Moreover, they are more of grilled and roasted. Contrary to it, Southern dishes are mostly steamed.

On the snacks sides, North is worldwide famous for its mouth watering pakoras and chats. Moreover, they consume Lassi, sharbat and Tea as beverages. South also has snacks like Mirchi pakoras but are not that famous. In beverages here, there is more consumption of coffee.

Both the cuisines, despite having large differences form composite Indian food culture. They are largely appreciated and loved all over the world due to best taste and delicious meals North is more commonly followed and admired by the world particularly West.

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